Why you should NEVER buy a Honda.

Watch this video.

You’ve seen Ferris Bueller right? Could it be that they are making a sequel to the greatest 80s movie ever made? (Give or take the Breakfast Club). Could it be possible that they are tributing John Hughes in the most glorious way possible: by creating Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2????? YES GOD THANK YOU YES!!!


Now that I’ve successfully gotten your hopes up, read the following article. Or even just the title of the article… (aaaaaand cue the worst marketing strategy of all time)


This could have essentially been an incredibly successful marketing campaign if they had chosen to just release the full ad (below) instead of implying a feature-length sequel of the greatest comedy ever produced. That way Honda might not be the most hated car manufacturer in the world right now.

As much as I would like to burn down the next CR-V I see, the full ad is pretty entertaining.

But I’m still majorly disappointed. MAJORLY.

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