Everybody Likes Marshmallows.

Even kitties.

And to go with this charming floofy kitty, here is a twist that my boyfriend and I came up with to the classic S’more.


1. Buy some oreos.
2. Buy some marshmallows.
3. Toast a marshmallow over a roaring campfire. Or a few marshmallows. I find that beach campfires work best, but normal campfires also work. Also you can hold marshmallows really close to a stovetop and brown it pretty nicely, but not too close because they do set on fire and you probably don’t want to burn your kitchen down. Or burn the marshmallow. I do not recommend burning the marshmallow. I hear that’s carcinogenic.
4. Twist open an oreo without breaking the cookie pieces. This can be difficult. Trust me.
5. Insert perfectly toasted marshmallow between the parted cookie pieces creating a marshmallow sandwich.
6. Eat delicious campfire treat.
7. Make more and eat them all until you get sick.

Here’s an interesting fact that you probably already knew:
The word “some” plus the word “more” contracted together creates the word “s’more”. Inevitably, you can’t eat just one.

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